However, the Criminal Code contains some provisions for the 'injured party '. Anyone who has suffered disadvantage through the offense of another (Article 206 paragraph 1, CC), may join as an injured party in a criminal proceeding. That is thus the victim, but it might also be the relatives of a deceased victim.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office sees the care and attention for the interests of the victim as an important part of a proper administration of Justice, where a correct treatment is paramount. The victim comes into the picture for the Public Prosecutor when the case is registered with the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The Prosecution aims for a professional treatment of victims in the stages of investigation, prosecution and execution.

The starting points for the implementation of victim assistance are:

  1. As much as is possible a correct and personal treatment of the victim;
  2. Rendering of information to the victim, taking as a starting point that clear and relevant information must be provided to the victim as soon as possible.
  3. In the framework of the processing of the case, the injured party is informed about the possibility to join as such. In this, the possibility of claiming both tangible as well as intangible damages is pointed out.

At this moment the development of the Aanwijzing Benadeelde Partij en Slachtofferzorg (Designation Injured Party and Victim Care) for the Public Prosecutor’s Office Curaçao, is being worked on. As soon as the designation has been established, it will possible to download this from the website.

See also: Stichting Slachtofferhulp Curaçao
(tel. 747 7229 / 510 7575)